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BroadWave Technologies, Inc. is an innovative customer driven organization. We design and manufacture coaxial components for communications systems, test and measurement, manufacturing, and medical applications. Our product line includes attenuators, terminations, power dividers, couplers, RF detectors, impedance matching pads, adapters, and DC blocks.


ComNav Engineering's core product is microwave filters and filter subsystems. By exploiting our proprietary coating technique, we are able to achieve specs and production yields that other companies dream about. Our cross-coupling and pole/zero typologies allow us to achieve lower loss and higher rejection in a smaller size than the competition with our ceramic products.

Martek Power

"Martek Power is an undisputed leader in providing Military and Aerospace Grade and Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) power supplies/modules, power converters and EMI filters. It's rugged standard and custom power supplies (AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC) are designed and built for reliability and the ability to withstand extremes in altitude, temperature, shock and vibration. It has advanced electrical and mechanical simulation capability to support the demanding design criteria specified by airborne manufacturers. Its Martek Power Abbott product line of switching and linear aerospace power modules have been chosen by the major aircraft manufacturers both in Europe and in the USA.

Martek Power's development and manufacturing facilities for these rugged power supplies are located in Torrance, California, USA (50,000 square foot) and in Lyon, France (45,000 square foot) are both AS9100/EN9100 certified and are equipped with state-of-the-art environmental and EMI screening facilities."



Millitech, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of millimeter-wave components, assemblies, subsystems and fully integrated systems for applications in satellite communications, radiometry, radar and remote sensing. For over 20 years our engineering, manufacturing and sales staffs have been dedicated to providing the most technically advanced millimeter-wave products and services available, enabling our customers to translate their ideas and needs into cost-effective solutions. At Millitech, we are uniquely qualified to meet your design and development requirements in millimeter-wave technology.


MTI Wireless Edge

With over 35 years of field-proven experience MTI Wireless Edge Ltd. is a premier designer, developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art antennas and antenna systems for myriad wireless markets and installations. Headquartered in Israel and part of the multi-faceted MTI Computers, a corporation with widespread technological interests, MTI Wireless Edge is an internationally recognized producer of ready-made and custom-developed products in a broad frequency range (HF to 40 GHz), addressing both commercial and military applications.



Backed by decades of experience in the design of Noise Sources and Instrumentation for telecommunications, Noisewave is a complete supplier of specialty Noise Components and Test Equipment. Noise is our focus, our business, so we can help yours.

We provide our customers with high quality standard and custom noise test solutions to meet commercial and military wireless applications.

Sonoma Scientific

Sonoma Scientific Inc., is an ISO 9001 company located in Northern Nevada. Our facility of 8,000 sq. ft. is designed to produce high quality RF/Microwave ferrite isolators and circulators. SSI has been in business since 1987, with sole concentration on ferrite isolators and circulators to produce high volume, low cost custom designs to meet our customer requirements.

Synergy Microwave Corporation

Synergy Microwave Corporation is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of RF and microwave signal processing components and frequency sources. All of our products utilize state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology as we strive for customer satisfaction and engineering excellence.

Our "Standard Parts Catalog" includes the answer to virtually all of your signal processing and frequency source needs, including wideband, narrowband, fixed frequency voltage controlled oscillators and synthesizers, oven controlled crystal oscillators, double and triple balanced mixers, power dividers, directional couplers, modulators, filters, frequency doublers, transformers and more. We, here at Synergy, take pride in our consistent high quality, the best price/performance ratio possible, responsive sales and applications assistance, and an answer to every question.


Trak Microwave

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